E-QUIP Limited



     We will make inspection activities in order to avoid defect occurrence at 
     production line of end customer.

	■ Visual Inspection (Judgment based on requirements)
	(1) 	Outline of Parts, Painting Conditions
	(2) 	Scratches, Damages, Deformation, Stain, Loose and so on.
	■ Dimension Check
	(1) 	Measurement of dimension by gauge/caliper
	■ Function Check
	(1) 	Movement, Output
	(2) 	Function test with specific checker, which is provided by customer
	■ Others (Touch-Up/Repair/Rework)
	(1) 	Reworking/Touch-Up defective parts
	(2) 	Replacement of component parts, Tightening of bolts, Affix of sticker/grease, Painting
          Car inspection at motor pool will also be able to correspond.