E-QUIP Limited

Engineering Support

Optical ModelingF

We are making necessary arrangements and technical supports with our cooperative partners (modeling manufacturers and prototype molding tool manufacturers), who can correspond worldwide technical level, in order to achieve high quality demands and short development period.

Optical Modeling: This 'Optical Modeling' is one of modeling systems using high precision 
                  optical modeling machine (epoxy resin and laser beam).  The samples 
                  are able to be produced by 3D CAD data for the shortest 3days, and the 
                  sample has not only front portion but also back portion. It is able to 
                  confirm the outline of parts before mass-production, and to produce a master
                   sample for duplication products.

RTV molding:      This molding is using Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV/Silicone) as 
                  molding tool material, which is produced by master sample.  Materials are 
                  Epoxy, Ethyl-Carbanate(Urethan), and so on.